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Connelly and Bettany in Barker's Born

JenniferConnelly.jpgThe gorgeous Jennifer Connelly and the exceedingly lucky Paul Bettany are starring together in a psychological thriller called Born which will have two big names on the production team, Guillermo del Toro and Clive Barker.

Simpson is slated to direct the film which will show the pair as an on screen couple who settle down in an idyllic English town to start their family. However life starts taking a strange turn when the husband's work begins to take over his life. He's a claymation artist, and he has his characters act out a nightmare that starts becoming real.

Daniel Simpson also wrote the script along with Clive Barker and Paul Kaye, so it expect twists, surprises and the odd bit of horror too. It's a fair scoop that they've scored the off screen couple of Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly for the film's on screen couple though. I am quite surprised by that.

The story from Variety delves into the production team and the financing, but doesn't give us a lot more on the film itself, other than the animation will be traditional stop motion and not CGI. Now that's something I really do like. However it won't be Aardman, a company called Chiodo Brothers Productions will create the animated sequences.

Well I'm glad they're not going CGI for the effects. It does all sound a bit of a strange project for the two strong acting talents to be leading though don't you think?




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