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Ageing Craig in Flashbacks of a Fool

DanielCraig.jpgDaniel Craig is set to star in Flashbacks of a Fool about an ageing film star that returns to his hometown on the English coast for the funeral of his best friend from his childhood. Alongside him are set to appear Harry Eden and Angie Ruiz.

This marks another role departure for Daniel Craig who is doing a great job of keeping his career diverse and wide ranging, not even giving himself the chance to fall into the typecasting of James Bond.

Harry Eden recently appeared as the Artful Dodger in Roman Polanski's Oliver Twist film, and will play the young character that Craig is playing as seen in his flashbacks as he revisits a tragic summer he experienced in his childhood.

According to the story in Angie Ruiz was named as a as a Cara Nueva (New Face) of 2006 by People en Espanol magazine.

Looking further into Flashbacks of a Fool the excellent Mark Strong also stars along with Emilia Fox, Olivia Williams and Eve.

The cast itself sounds interesting, and the fact that Craig is spreading himself around does too, but the story doesn't really tell us much more than so many other revisiting tragic past tales.




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