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Winkler's Ornate Anatomy script bought

Here's a bizarre story. The Ornate Anatomy of Living Things is a script about a worker in a bookstore who discovers a museum that is built around his life.

The script is being written by Matthew Spicer and Max Winkler (yes, the son of Irvin aka the Fonz) and has been bought by Fox Searchlight already. Variety have the story.

What a strange idea, and it's incredibly intriguing too. The idea of someone finding a museum that is filled with exhibits and displays about their own life opens up so many possibilities, not just the obvious who and why, imagine if you could see exhibits of events that have yet to happen?



This does sound like a very cool idea - perhaps a bit Charlie Kaufman-esque but not in a bad way. I always like to hear about story ideas like these that actually hint at originality when so much that comes out of Hollywood is a retread, remake or reimagining.

Does sound like a neat idea. The story ideas are endless. It could almost be a TV show with a different character each week.

Isn't The Fonz HENRY Winkler (the dad in Click)? Or is it the same guy as Irvin?



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