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Verbinski sick of Pirates of the Caribbean?

GoreVerbinski.jpgThere's a story on the go that Gore Verbinski might not want to do any more Pirates of the Caribbean films, and although it's a second hand quote, it's still a very powerful one.

The comment goes like this:

"Gore's sick of pirates. If I wrote a scene that had to be shot on water, he'd run the other way."

It comes from Jim Hill Media through Rope of Silicon, who heard the quote from the author Berkeley Breathed who is working with Verbinski to turn one of his novels into a film. So perhaps there is an inside track there?

The better news from the site is that Johnny Depp has told Disney that he would be willing to come back to the Captain Jack Sparrow role, but would he come back without Verbinski at the helm?

It would be a loss to the Pirates franchise if Verbinski walked away, I think there's no doubt of that. However the quality would need to remain high on the series, and for that Gore Verbinski would really have to be into the film, so if he doesn't really feel like it, should he even consider coming back? I doubt money will be in question for Disney.




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