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Toub isn't Iron Man's Mandarin

IronMan.jpgThere's a correction to an old rumour regarding the Iron Man villain Mandarin, one that I've either missed or hasn't actually been corrected until now.

Back in March I wrote about the rumour that Shaun Toub was going to play Mandarin, a villain in Iron Man, but apparently he's not.

Empire wrote a correction to a story in the June issue (it's only May for god's sake!) where they are writing about a set visit and mention that Shaun Toub is playing Mandarin. Except he's not, he's playing Yin Sen who is Tony Stark's fellow prisoner of war in Vietnam in the comic book.

The details of exactly how the role is in the new film aren't clear, but since Stark is in prison during the Gulf War, perhaps we'll see the character updated and sitting in there with him.




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