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Stanley Kwan talks Bruce Lee film

BruceLee.jpgWe've heard about a few Bruce Lee projects being touted for the big screen, and here's another one from Stanley Kwan. According to Kwan he is negotiating with the Lee family for approval to start a film about the mythical star.

Stanley Kwan says that his film will look at how Bruce Lee was affected by the absence of his father and how he brought up his own son, Brandon Lee. Luckily for most fans it will also look into how he became a master of martial arts.

Through the comments carried on Jam, Kwan goes onto say that no casting decisions have been made and the budget hasn't yet been set, so it's real early days as yet.

However the funding is going to mainly come from Chinese sources, although foreign investors are being sought.

The film looks set to cover his time in the US as well, so basically we're looking at his entire life, and it will be in multi-language as we move from country to country.

I'd love to see more stories about Bruce Lee, after all he's a legend to martial artists and also action film fans. He's reached this mythical status both in his home country and throughout the world, and his tale is somewhat under exposed, particularly that of his martial arts development and time outside the film industry and before his death.

I would definately love to see more of this great man's life.



Sounds good, I'm one of those annoying Bruce Lee cultists so, for me, this is a tasty news morsel!



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