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Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End final scene after credits

POTC-WorldsEnd_Poster.jpgThe closing scene of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End has appeared online, and I have a copy right here.

So if you missed it before and left during the credits, the first question is why? I always stay to the end. Okay I'm usually writing up notes for the review at that point, but it is also to stay and at least be respectful for all those people who made the film...

...okay, and to try and catch any hidden endings. I'm usually disappointed, but not with Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. Have a look at the ending right here and see what really happened to some of the characters. There's a pretty big spoiler in there for the film, so don't watch it if you haven't seen the film yet.

[Removed non-working clips]

Well there you go, did you miss it in the cinema? What do you think now, any difference to the film or an idea of a sequel?

Update: That one not working anymore? Try one of these.

[Removed two non-working clips]

Okay, try this:



Must remember this on Saturday night....

Ah you're off to watch it then, okay I won't invite you to the piccies in the afternoon then! I have a free day and might be going to catch a few...I'll give Louise a shout.

Are you taking Lil' Lee?

oh theyre's definitly going to be a sequel!! cant wait for it!!


[Richard, added at request of Shell as she forgot, she wasn't trying to spoil deliberately. Thanks for the heads up Shell, and thanks for the reminder that I have to implement spoiler tags]

Alot of people are saying that because Elizabeth was faithful during those 10 years that when she and her son met Will at the end he was free and could choose to stay on sea or land. Apparently it was explained in a scene by the writers which was cut out. However because it was never explained in the movie i don't think they want people to think this and that the same 10 years at sea 1 day on land idea still applies as otherwise it would have stayed in there.

Also what on earth happened to the calypso and davey jones plot? I really thought there was going to be more of a resolution for that it was a shame really as the only scene where they met was fantastic and it would have been nice for them to have interacted some more since they obviously still had feelings for each other, did he betray her because she didn't show up to meet him after the first 10 years and that was why he became corrupted?

sorry i can't edit my post now but i forgot to put spoiler tags on it! If someone could put some on or delete my comment i'd be very grateful

Hello Richard,
I just got back from watching Pirates.. for the 3rd time! I loved it every time, but still...

The thing is.. I didnt find out about the hidden sccene until just now. Okay, I WOULD go watch the whole thing again for the 4th time just to see the hidden scene.. but I'd rather not.

You have the hidden ending =)

For completely understandable reasons, your video has been removed from youtube (I assume, as it is no longer available when I click the link).

I would appreciate it very very much if you could be so kind as to contact me about the ending, and spare me another trip to the theater =D
Thanks a lot!

Lee didn't go with us, had a babysitter in. Not as impressed as I thought I would be, but the cinema was bad too.

Booked online. No mention of it at the time, but signs everywhere when we got there there saying "for your comfort this screening will have a 10 minute intermission". 10 minute WHAT? Oh, yes, it broke off for 10 minutes, lights up, ice-creams came in. Which were needed as the air-con wasn't working, it was a sauna.

Best of all when it restarted they started up in a different scene and missed some dialogue because they got the projector started ahead of the sound.

Had I known all this I would have saved my £14.20, held that Saturday night babysitting in reserve, and waited for it on Film 4 when you expect a break.

Post-credits ending worth waiting the 37 minutes or so of credits for!

Email sent Victoria, and I'll remove your email address before it gets harvested by spammers.

Lee, that's not so good, mind mentioning the cinema?

Thanks again Richard, I made it a point to stay until the end credits yesterday to see this and my friend was like, am I a masochist or what? LOLOL

Thank you so much for the links, the movie is much different to me now that Ive seen this.

I liked it before I saw this extra scene. And I thought that there was going to be a sequel before I saw this seen b/c of Jach Sparrow and Barbosa looking for the Fountain of Youth. But the extra scene got me thinking how they would make it? Would they include their son in the next movie if they make one? Would it be too much? Probably.

This video is no longer available.

Simone, look at the bottom two clips. There are two new ones and they both still work.

I think you're right Ally, the son would be too much. However the fountain of youth and Will in his new role might actually give some good mileage out of the series...I can't believe I just said that!

Screen 6, Vue, Ocean Terminal, Edinburgh.

Did you talk to a Manager Lee? I've found them very good at customer service when approached.

this made it so much better for me....all i wanted from pirates is an ending between elizabeth and will....yet they still could of done a better job...i felt like this was soooo thrown together at the last moment...

She doesn't look 10 years older, maybe she got her hands on some water from the Fountain of Youth as well.

OMG i didn't see this, now I can't see it at all XD all 3 don't work.


I'm afraid I didn't get to see the final scene..Is it possible if you can email me the scene or atleast tell me what exactly happened in it? Thanks.

Same here if you wouldnt mind sending me the hidden scene at the end of the movie, thanks

Really!!There was a hidden ending? I didn't see it and I watched till it was over. I really want to see it then, so can you please upload it again or send me that hidden part. Thanks!!

Sorry guys, I've been hunting for it and I can't find a copy of it anywhere now, looks like it has been removed for good.

If anyone finds another copy can they post up the details?

Here are two working links for now..don't know how long they will work for.



Thanks for those Chris, much appreciated. I couldn't find them anywhere.

there's seven movies in the series so they're not even half done! Thats what Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightly are signed up for.

Nah they're not signed up for any more.
Knightley has recently stated that she's not doing any more.

When we last see Jack, he is off to find the Fountain of Youth...then in the end credits, we see Elizabeth standing by the sea, watching William return, holding what we ASSUME to be the hand of her and William's son - but is it? Could it be a MUCH younger Jack Sparrow? Did he find the Fountain,find his youth, and return to Elizabeth? Just a thought

That's a possibility Robin. It is so open ended we can't really be sure can we?

Would you like to see another?

please i need to know if there is a sequel to "at world's end" please tell me

There's no movement on any kind of sequel just now Charlie, not even a word.

In fact so far we've heard that the stars don't want to return for another film, except for Johnny Depp who says he would love to reprise the character if the script was right.

Ok i really need to know this, is the son of will and elizabeth the kid in the begining the same kid at the end?

Don't think so Crystal, I think they are definitely different children.

OK - I saw the film in the theater,but recently bought the DVD to watch it again. I'm bothered by the ending. And since there was apparently a scene that was cut out that explained the obligation of the Flying Dutchman captain, I'm confused. If after 10 years of being faithful, Will can stay on land with Elizabeth....who will captain the ship? Doesn't someone else need to have their heart cut out? Who will help the dead people get to Davey Jones' Locker? And does Will now live forever?...isn't that why Jack Sparrow wanted to be the one to stab the heart? Jack was going to sail the seas forever....so then if Will has to do that and only gets 1 day every 10 years for eternity....that sucks.

It certainly does. That's what I got from the film Tricia, 1 year in 10 he's allowed a visit home, but then he has to go back to sea, and as far as I understood that never changed.

If anyone still has a copy of the ending after the credits...Please email it to me. Thanks

Kris you just have to take a look around, this is the first one I found in a few seconds:

your youtube clip is not working

Fixing, thanks for letting me know.

If Elizabeth loved Turner enough, could she have let him use his powers as the Flying Dutchman to kill and resurrect her as a member of his crew? That way they could be together for as long as he "conscripted" her. He would not be a cruel captain, and the work ferrying the dead might not be any worse than a regular undertaker's job. Do you think this was a real option? Thank you.

Also, sometimes the Film studio cuts out what the writers and directors intend. I read on a screenwriters forum the writers made it so Will would be free if they met again 10 years later. In an unrelated opera about the Flying Dutchman, they say he is freed if he finds true love. So maybe the movie is a big tragedy, but the writers and directors filmed a scene that was cut out, making it a happy ending.

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