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Philip K. Dick film changes to William J. Frick

BillPullman.jpgSome time back we talked about the Philip K. Dick film featuring Bill Pullman which was to be called Panasonic. Well now we hear that more than just its name has changed.

The film will now be called Your Name Here and will tell the story of William J. Frick.

Yes, you heard that right. Say it a few times and you might realise what's going on. Although there's no firm confirmation it looks as though there may be a few rights issues as MTV Movies Blog says that this is the...

"...non-libel, unsanctioned biopic of the classic storyteller."

However the film is still going ahead and Bill Pullman has been talking about the film saying that it will focus on the later time of his life, the closing moments so to speak.

"It’s about a kind of a ‘Fantasia’ about his last days...You’re seeing a writer who’s starting to spin a little bit out of control and wondering what’s real and what isn’t real. Has he really written the most brilliant book that’s ever been written or hasn’t he? Has someone stolen the last chapter, or is he just insane?"

Sounds a bit odd, and not just in the plot line but the whole change of name. Perhaps there has been some rights issue for the film, does that affect anything in this tale for you? Does it make a difference with the name change?




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