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Penn talks Incredible Hulk story and villain

Hulk.jpgZak Penn has been talking about the new Hulk film, The Incredible Hulk and discusses the new villain Abomination as well as Ang Lee's previous film, of which he is ever respectful.

Zakk Penn is undoubtedly a great screenwriter, and his work on adapting comic books has been superb, whether they've finally made it to great films or not. His next is The Incredible Hulk and he says that he's just finished writing the third draft of the script a couple of weeks ago.

With Louis Leterrier directing and Ed Norton starring you get a quite mixed message from the film. Both talents have previously been known for films which you wouldn't really expect to cross over, however here they are. That suggests strong characterisation and loads of stylised action.

Penn says that it definitely won't all be CGI though, and he tells us a little about how the character will appear:

"...when this guy transforms, he's not used to having these properties. Like he's much heavier, and we talked about how when he walks down the sidewalk, his weight destroys the sidewalk and he's tripping. [It's all about] the humanization of these kinds of superhero characters, showing the effects physics may actually have..."

Then in the interview with IGN he reveals that the Abomination, the character who will be Hulk's villain, won't be called that in the film.

"...God, I hope I don't get in trouble for this -- the villain is going to be this character from the comics, the Abomination, who will not be called the Abomination out loud in the film because it's a silly, silly name...It just is; it's so hard to work in. 'Hey, what should we call that guy?' 'He's an abomination!'"

Certainly would be, that would sound like one incredibly hookey line. What do you think? I couldn't see Norton saying that and keeping a straight face. Then he talks about how the new film is going to be different from Ang Lee's version, and what he thought of Lee's version.

"I think that Ang Lee is a fantastic director and there's incredible, incredible stuff in the first movie, but I don't think that it captured the things that are interesting about the Hulk...The Hulk is a Jekyll and Hyde, Frankenstein horror comic...He's a man cursed with turning into his repressed id, that's it...the first Hulk was not that film. It was not about the torment of being a person who cannot afford to feel anxiety in modern culture, which is to me the strength and power of The Hulk movie. Other things were done, they did some cool s--t, whatever, great in its own way."

He also makes the comparison between Norton's character in Fight Club and that of Bruce Banner, and the ore you think about that relationship the more you see it. What he does sound like though is that this isn't going to be a light and kid friendly superhero comic film, or rather I'm hoping it's not going to be. After all, could they catch all those feelings and still get it a low rating? From the sounds of it no, and it would be better being harder and grittier.




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