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Myers to create Doctor Evil film?

MikeMyers.jpgMike Myers has revealed that he does want to film another Austin Powers movie, I just hope there's not that fat Scotsman character in it again! This time though he is considering a slightly different focus to the film and that it would look to Doctor Evil more than Powers.

He goes on to joke that it would be the start of a trilogy, and then turns it into a joke, although I'm not sure if he's joking about the whole film concept or just about the trilogy comment.

I have figured out that the story will be taken from the point of Doctor Evil...It will be powered from Doctor Evil's point of view...That will be the first of a trilogy. ... I'm just joking! ... I haven't figured it all out. Who knows?"

The comments come through SciFi Wire who have him talking while he was promoting Shrek the Third. I guess the question is if he's serious about it, and if he was just joking about the trilogy?

Would another Powers film work, and if it focused on Doctor Evil rather than Powers? I think it could well work if it is looking at the story from a different character, it would allow him to get some fresh comedy in there rather than going for the staple Powers jokes.

Is there a desire out there for another Austin Powers? Could a Mike Myers film all about Doctor Evil work?




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