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Indiana Jones IV plot revelations

IndianaJones.jpgWe know that there's a rumour that Karen Allen is returning to the Indiana Jones series for the fourth, and hopefully final, film, but there's another rumour that suggests who she might be playing as well as how Shia LaBeouf fits in.

So if you don't want possible spoilers then look away now...However just bear in mind that these are the good old sources and liable to be wrong, change, or just plain lies. Of course, they could also be right, and when I read this it did spark something off and I thought that this could work.

Okay, I've delayed enough, if you're still with me here we go. The rumour is that Karen Allen is returning to play the mother of Shia LeBeouf's character, who in turn is the son of Indiana Jones. Now there's a nice twist to the whole series, perhaps Indy won't realise initially and we'll have some confused bumbling when he does and then half hearted, unsure parenting attempts which string out until the climactic end of the film where the son has been put in jeopardy and saved by Indy, finally making him realise what a great son he has and in turn what a great father his son has, and...

I can't go on. I think my heart just died. The story comes from CHUD through Starpulse News Blog and carries the sources tag.

Twee it certainly is, Indy it could well be, but everything I've heard so far on this just makes me think, like the Shrek story, that this is all too much. It should have ended ages ago. However I'll hold out some hope, what about you?



So let me get this straight... Shia is being held hostage by aliens (possibly transforimg super robots?) from outter space and Indy saves the day. Sounds plausible.

I think it might be better if they simply leave 3 movies as good enough and forget about a 4th...that is if this plot is true.

Hey Andrew....what film are we talking about now?!



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