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Final Transformers trailer is stunning

Transformers_Still_Rampage.jpgThe new Transformers trailer is stunning, and there's just no denying it. I honestly can't believe that anyone could be crying fowl for the film based on the strength of this trailer, especially when there's so much footage of the Transformers.

Not only is there plenty of footage of the Transformers leaping about and engaged in full on fighting, but there's also quite a few transformation scenes that just look stunning.

Now I know people will be moaning about Michael Bay and his track record, but he does deliver great action film, and this one looks like it could be the action film of them all.

Honestly, I don't have any tie in with this film, there's no reason for me to be so positive about it, I'm looking at it totally unbiasedly, as someone who loves films, and I really can't see why someone could be negative about this film. Any concerns I had before seeing this trailer are gone.

You can see the trailer over at through Michael Bay's blog.

Honestly, watch that and tell me it doesn't tickle your excitement bone. Oh and while we're at it there's also new TV spot for the film, which you can see over the page.



It looks very cool... but (and I hate to be a naysayer on such a mega-movie) but did it bother anyone else how FAST the robots moved? For me it really took away a sense of scale. My brain couldn't process giant robots moving as fast as martial artists. :-\


It looks great, and the sound when Optimus Prime transforms!! =)

The trailer looks so awesome!

I do have a comment for the "naysayer." I wasn't bothered at all by the speed of the robots ... because they are really not robots in the sense we think of robots here on earth. These transformers are supposed to be aliens. They come from "somewhere else" and come to this planet looking for a source of energy. In that sense, we can't complain about how they are able to do things in this movie or how fast they move. Please correct me if I am wrong in thinking this.

In any case, I will be one of the first in line to see it!!! Woo Hoo!

The action sequences and the look of the transformers is stellar. I'm looking forward to blow 'em up, smash 'em up ride.

With that said I do have my reservations. Did the dialogue bother anyone else?

I'm not expecting an epic story; I'll be good if it's decent. Bay is not a storyteller, but he's fantastic when it comes to blowing sh*t up.

I wasn't bothered by the way they move, after all they are transforming vehicles and aliens to boot!

Yeah the dialogue is "audience friendly", but I reckon I'll be eyes on the big explosions going "wow!"

best. ever. ... ... ... gulp



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