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Edinburgh's Hallam Foe for US

JamieBell.jpgThe Edinburgh based film Hallam Foe has been bought up by Magnolia and Red Envelope for North American distribution with a 2008 release being planned.

The film sees Jamie Bell playing Hallam Foe who has an unhealthy obsession with voyuerism. Through this obsession he believes that he has found the true reason for his mother's death, and also begins to find love. The film also has some other great stars in it, not just the superb Edinburgh skyline but also Ciarán Hinds, Sophia Myles and the stunning Claire Forlani.

Through The Hollywood Reporter the Head of Acquisitions at Magnolia said of the film:

"Mackenzie has skillfully crafted the first-ever Oedipal rom-com thriller...It's sexy, adventurous, intimate and delightful all at once."

Well done that film, and here's hoping we see more distribution deals for this film being picked up.



I want to see this so bad..... Wil l it be coming to United States by any chance?

So far there's no news of release stateside. I should hope so, but it depends how the studios see the film working for the US...I think the whole story is universal, but I just feel that films based in Scotland tend to get viewed differently if they aren't kilts, drugs or very dark.



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