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Dirty Dancing, the videogame?!

DirtyDancing.jpgOh I can't help writing about this. It looks like the videogame industry is turning the tables on Hollywood and pillaging their marerial as now there's going to be a Dirty Dancing videogame.

Yes, I hardly believed it either, but according to the story the game developer Codeasters will release Dirty Dancing: The Game on the PC this year.

Not a dancing game, oh no, this is set to be what is described as an "action puzzler" following the character of Baby throughout the storyline of the film. So you can learn to dance and get involved in loads of mini-games and, according to the story over at Gaming Target, allow you to collect points which will help you purchase Dirty Dancing memorabilia. I presume that is all in game.

Here's a quote they have from the head of EVP Marketing (which I think means electronic and video properties) for Lionsgate:

"Dirty Dancing delivers compelling subject matter that has all the tools to become an instant hit online. The movie appeals to audiences of all ages and continues to win over new fans through increased exposure from the highly successful DVDs and multiple airings on cable. For two decades, girls and women have identified with Baby, and through this wonderful game from Codemasters, they will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in her world like never before."

Wow, if this works I could really see the doors being opened to a lot of bizarre film tie ins for the game industry. Yet I just don't see there's enough gameplay in there and they really are draining the popularity of a film. What do you think, fans of Dirty Dancing I'm putting the call out, would you buy a game like this and could you see it working?




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