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Bertolucci to film 16th century murdering musician

BernardoBertolucci.jpgBernardo Bertolucci is to direct a film about the life of the 16th century Italian musician Gesualdo da Venosa. Now how exciting could that be I hear you ask, well apparently very.

Not only was he a famed musician, but also a famed murderer. Read this short introduction to his Wikipedia entry:

Carlo Gesualdo, known as Gesualdo da Venosa (?March 8, 1566 - September 8, 1613), Prince of Venosa and Count of Conza, was an Italian composer, lutenist, nobleman, and notorious murderer of the late Renaissance. He is famous for his intensely expressive madrigals, which use a chromatic language not heard again until the 19th century; and he is also famous for committing what are possibly the most famous murders in musical history.

Okay, I'm interested already. Reading on it tells how his wife was having an affair and when he found out by catching them in the act he murdered them and left their mutilated, naked bodies outside the palace. Since he was a nobleman he could not be prosecuted for the crime, but revenge was often metered out in these days so he fled to keep himself from harm. Later he became depressed and isolated himself, apparently employing servants to beat him daily.

Now tell me that's not interesting now. The film is written by Bernardo Bertolucci along with Mark Peploe who co-wrote The Last Emperor.

Jeremy Thomas is a Producer who works with Bertolucci and is currently gathering financing for the film according to Variety. He says that only the three of them are involved at the moment, no other decisions have been made.




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