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Bee Movie full trailer online

Bee.jpgThere's a new and full trailer out for the Bee Movie, that strange film featuring such names as Jerry Seinfeld, Renée Zellweger, and a whole host of stars and personalities.

Well I say strange because all the teasers we've seen so far have been those live action ones showing how much better it would be if the film was in CGI. Well now here's the CGI trailer, and the film looks a lot more down to earth than before. Now we see the story, and it looks fun.

I'm a fan of Seinfeld and this doesn't really have me in fits as his series has, but then that could well be down to the cut of the trailer because the previous clips had me laughing. The CGI looks great though.

What do you think, Antz with a twist or something more here?

You can see for yourself through the various sizes the Quicktime trailer is in over at Cinema Blend.




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