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Wright says third film with Pegg and Frost

EdgarWright.jpgEdgar Wright has revealed that the Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz (Filmstalker review) team have another film left in them together.

They're making a little joke with the trilogy idea by calling theirs the three flavour trilogy, three flavours because each film is connected to the other by blood and ice cream alone. Okay, well if they've got nothing else to connect them!

So that's one last film before they all go Hollywood, or at least their separate ways for a good few years. Wright says, through /Film, that Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are writing the film just now, he also tried to give some idea about the three films and where they came from.

"...we hate to think of ourselves as spoofers. Particularly, we try to find a story within a genre that appeals to us in some way. Shaun of the Dead is really about turning 30. Hot Fuzz is in a weird way, it’s not autobiographical at all, but it is kind of based on where me and Simon grew up. I think it’s about finding that emotional hook within a genre, and it all starts to become organic after that."

So no real idea what it could be yet, but it will probably be a genre film, and it could be the last one the do as a trio. Do you think there is as much fame and spoils out there for these guys as individuals rather than a team?



I really think they should do a film version of Spaced and give the show closure since it's not likely that they will revisit it and do a 3rd season which I as a big Spaced fan continually dreams of. It's a great show (have you seen it Rich?) and it would be so good to see these great characters come together again after all these years.

Do you think there is as much fame and spoils out there for these guys as individuals rather than a team?

I suppose if we base it on the time they started to work together which was in the late 90's then really it's not as if it's too soon to say goodbye to their successful triumvirate but the question is, will they just be as effective on their own? What's the feedback on the other films (apart from Mi3) that Simon has been in without Nick and Edgar? Timing will play a key factor here.

there's photos from '28 weeks later' online, one of them shows a street in bad shape and someone walking around it... look at the street sign, it says "crouch hill" - one of the streets on crouch ends little town area, also happens to be one of the places they shot scenes for 'shaun of the dead' in (crouch end, not the same street). what a zombie coincidence, hey?!



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