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Weinstein comments on Grindhouse release

HarveyWeinstein.jpgThere's a comment online that's reportedly from Harvey Weinstein that is being far from complimentary about his views on the Grindhouse film as a result of the opening weekend. It sounds as though he's not confident about it going forward and is considering a fast repackaging and rerelease.

The comment is actually from someone relaying what Weinstein said to them, now bear that in mind as well as the fact that this could be out of context, however the comment goes:

"First of all, I'm incredibly disappointed. We tried to do something new and obviously we didn't do it that well," Harvey told me today. "It's just a question of how is it going to hang in there. But we could split the movies in a couple of weeks. Make Tarantino's a full-length film, and Rodriguez's too. We'll be adding those 'two missing reels' that's talked about in the movie."

The comment comes from the HorrorMovies.ca forums, and it's not actually as bad as you first think, reread it and see. We heard yesterday that the quick rework and release is being considered already, and Weinstein is saying that they could do the split but that they are hoping it will hold in there. Far from being negative against the filmmakers I think this is looking quite positively on them.

I think they are right over at HorrorMovies and the film will do very well on DVD, especially with extras and the ability to control when the audience can take a break! Still, I think they are looking for a strong cinema return, and they can only get that with more showings and more people, and maybe that means another weekend and shorter films.




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