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UK Museum list for Night at the Museum event

NightattheMuseum.jpgNow I know that there should be a few readers interested in the Night at the Museum events across the country that I talked about the other evening. Not only do you get to see the film in the actual museum, but you also get a night time tour.

Well before I couldn't get you the entire list of locations, but thanks to Sheena we now do. So if you look through the following list you'll see a venue close to you, then just head over to the MGM search" title="24 Hour Museum search page" target="_blank">24 Hour Museum search page, or Google, and find the museum for further details and booking.

Check with your parents and your school, the whole class could go! Here's the list...

Yorkshire Waterways Museum
Cheltenham Art Gallery & Museum
National Museums Liverpool
Tullie House Museum & Art Gallery
Pickford's House Museum
Thurrock Museum
Cannon Hall Museum
NCCL Galleries of Justice
Royal Armouries Museum
Diss Museum
The Collection, Lincoln
Manchester Museum
Locomotion, National Railway Museum at Shildon
New Art Gallery Walsall
Wirral Museum
AF Holmpotn
Powysland Museum
Hartlepool Museum and Art Gallery
Irish Linen Centre and Lisburn Museum
Tunbridge Wells Museum & Art Gallery
Swansea Museum
Tyne & Wear Museums
Judge's Lodging
Staffordshire Museums Service
Time and Tide Museum
Wolverhampton Art Gallery
Millom Folk Museum
Rotherham Museums Service
Fishing Heritage Centre
Armley Mills Industrial Museum
Torquay Museum
PM Gallery and House
Salt Museum Cheshire
Hereford Museums
Yorkshire Sculpture Park
Grantown Museum
Tower Museum, Derry
North Lincolnshire Museum
Yorkshire Museum
Scottish Fisheries Museum
Dulwich Picture Gallery
Guildford Museum
Ely Musem
Exeter Museum
National Maritime Museum Cornwall

Yeah! One Scottish museum!



None in London?



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