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Spider-Man 3 clips online

Spider-Man3_Venom.jpgThere are six Spider-Man 3 clips online, a few of which you might have seen before but most you definitely won't have. You can see some of the romantic moments of the film, or you can concentrate on seeing Spider-Man fight Sandman, Parker and Goblin fight, Venom being created, or even an early scene with a spectacular crane disaster.

Some of the clips are really cool, although very CGI, however they all ramp up my excitement to see this film.

You can see them all over at Bloody Disgusting.



hey man i love ur show its the best ever movie i have ever seen.I have seen 1 2 and 3 3 is the best its awsome please tell me is there is goin to be a spider man4 i'll get it watch it and i hope there is going to be alot of ur movies and hope its not the end of ur show.Man u are the best and awsome ur toby maguire but i dont really care because u are the best anyway ur awsome i hope to see u once can u please see me and my adress is [address removed for privacy and spam reasons - Richard] australia. I WANT TO SEE U IN REAL LIFE!!!!!! because ill see any of ur shows if i can. Please rite back. from Yahya



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