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Lucas says still trying for Connery in Indiana Jones IV

IndianaJones.jpgSo George Lucas has been out again speaking about Indiana Jones IV and saying nothing new. He's getting quite good at that, except this time he's let something slip about the casting.

It appears that they are trying to get Sean Connery back and that they are...

...still trying...

That's not much really in a comment caught over at Empire, but it is enough to sound like they are having troubles. When Connery spoke recently about returning for the Bond franchise, possibly as Bond's father for a one off role, he made it very clear that it would cost them a lot of money, a lot.

"I could come back as Bond's father but it would cost them. It would definitely cost them."

Was that him referring to the Indiana Jones role as well? Is he really trying to demand too much for the production? Do you think it would really affect the film if Connery wasn't back as his father?



If Connery's comments are accurate, that pisses me off a little. Why make them spend more money on you (A side character) and thereby taking away funding that could go towards other things that will help make a better film?

It's like a basketball player demanding billions of $$$, so that there can be no one else good on the team to support them, so ultimately the team sucks.

Not quite the same thing here, but you get my point.

I'll probably get myself in trouble, but Indiana Jones is one of the few movies where I didn't really like Connery. No worries here if he isn't back for the 4th.

I loved Connery in The Last Crusade but they don't need him for this movie. Hopefully they weren't dumb enough to actually write him an important part in the movie.



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