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Kelly to complete Southland Tales

SouthlandTales.jpgRichard Kelly's much troubled Southland Tales has once again found a way through its problems. Recently it had run out of funding to get the final effects shots completed and they paused to find all the cash. The great news is that they have, Sony have put forward the money.

Kelly has spoken out on and revealed the good news:

We will now be able to finish the film properly. Phew!

The film will be completely finished for the first public screening sometime mid-summer.

Thank you everyone for your patience and I will let you know when the release date is decided upon and teaser trailer will be released (work is about to begin on the marketing materials).

Worst Previews pointed the way to the blog, which shows that I'm not keeping up to date on the Filmstalker Filmmakers Feed list.

This is great news because it will give the public a chance to decide on the film rather than listening to the few who have seen the early screenings.




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