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Infamous director says Sandra Bullock too light

SandraBullock.jpgI've held the belief, and said it here many times, that there's a strong actress in Sandra Bullock just screaming to get out. It's something that is more than apparent from two of her roles, 28 Days and Crash.

I suspect you could also add Infamous in there, but I haven't seen that film as yet so I can't really comment, can you say whether she is or not?

So let's say two films for the moment, and yes I am aware she has other good performances on her resume, but they fall squarely in the category of "if you've seen one...", she is often playing the same character. However these two films, 28 Days and Crash (Filmstalker review), give us a real sense of a different style of acting and character from Sandra Bullock, something strong, with a lot of depth, reality and feeling. I loved her performances in both films, something I really can't say of anything else I've seen her in.

It seems I'm not the only one either. In an interview over at Teletext the director of Infamous, Douglas McGrath says:

"She should just stop making those lighter, fluffier films. I think in Infamous she is so good because she slows down, the words don't come pouring out of her so fast."

Well I don't agree it's just down to the speed (ahem) of her line delivery, it's about the passion she puts into her performance, or rather the roles she chooses that allow her to put that passion in there. I guess there is something to be said that she might not have stood out so strongly in these roles if the rest of her career hadn't been so fluffy.

What do you think? Is McGrath right, am I? What do you think of Bullock's performances, do they all match her name or do you also see the spark in the above roles?




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