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Dracula sequel to gain Bardem, Bellucci and Hurt?

VampireTeeth.jpgI forgot there was a Dracula sequel in the works, and according to news today a Director has been cast, not only that but there are rumours about a huge cast for this blood sucking sequel.

Now bear in mind that these are rumours from email sources, so it could be someone trying to build up a name for themselves in their own created scoop, or it could be close to the truth, regardless this is worth talking about even if it doesn't come to fruition.

Ernest Dickerson is supposedly set to direct the Dracula sequel which is titled The Un-Dead, and the rumoured cast is very impressive. Javier Bardem as Dracula, the stunning Monica Bellucci as Lucy, and John Hurt as Professor Van Helsing.

The story comes from blackfilm.com through Bloody Disgusting and almost a year ago we heard that the Stoker estate had approved the script for the Jan De Bont produced film.

Just think of that cast. True or not it's a superb choice of names, Bardem as Dracula? You can see it so easily, and Bellucci will make a lust filled vampire that any man would want to join, as for Hurt I think he's perfect for the Helsing role.



John Hurt could be the greatest casting of Van Helsing in the history of Van Helsings. Brilliant decision that I hope they go with.

love the dracula series of films and hope this is the cast, or that the cast is the same calibre



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