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Braff says no to Fletch Won

ZachBraff.jpgI don't think it's a big surprise that Zach Braff isn't going to play Fletch. I remember him talking about it on his own site and it sounded like the deal was there if he wanted it, but from the sounds of it he didn't.

His heart seems to be more in his own films, and he probably realised that the world does not need another remake of a classic comedy, whoever is behind the face of the lead. Replacing the shoes of Chevy Chase is perhaps something that no one can do.

The official word comes out that Zach Braff is just too busy, and he certainly is. Not only ishe writing and directing his next film Open Hearts, and he's going to be returning for the seventh and final season of Scrubs.

The TV Guide through Coming Soon have the comments from Bill Lawrence, the Director of Fletch Won, who say that he is currently in New York looking for a new lead for Fletch.

Oh well, perfect he might have been, but I think this is the right choice. He's setting himself up big time if he's going to try and resurrect Fletch and fill those rather large comic shoes.




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