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Beckinsale as Barbarella?

KateBeckinsale.jpgWho to play Barbarella in the remake of a film that really shouldn't be remade anyway? We've had the Sienna Miller rumour and now the next actress up for the role, according to rumours in a British paper, is Kate Beckinsale.

Now I can see that working actually. You have to have an incredibly sexy woman for the role that just oozes sexuality even when she's not deliberately trying but she also has to be able to look innocent and incredibly sexy in various stages of undress. I definitely think that Beckinsale can carry it off more than Miller can, but would she want to? Really? Hasn't she moved on a little from this?

The rumour comes from The Daily Express through Moviehole with the usual "insiders say" comments.

Clint there has an interesting piece of knowledge, that Drew Barrymore once owned the rights to this film and was trying to get it remade with her leading, and she would have fitted the part perfectly well too.

So the question of the day is, all these rumours aside, who would you choose for Barbarella. If you could cast anyone, and considering what the original film is about, who would you want to play the sexually liberated space spy?



I'd still cast Kate because she is the most beautiful human being this planet has ever seen. If it were up to me, I'd cast her in every female role just so I wouldn't have to put up with fugs like Joan Cusack.

Kate B. may look good, but she has had zero talent in picking film roles since about the time of Pearl Harbour.

Gone are her Cold Comfort Farm and Last Days of Disco era good films. What was the last good thing she was in? Laurel Canyon?

All of these big budget and genre pics do not suit her at all (Van Helsing, Underworld, etc. etc. have all been unmitigated garbage).


Hilarious and 100% true. I'm going to subject myself to "Vacancy" this weekend justfor her body.

hubba hubba

Drew, correct me if I am wrong but you also wanted Beckinsale to play Wonder Woman did you?

Harsh but fair Kurt. I have hope that Vacancy may change things slightly.

I'm so there for Vacancy. Nimrod Antal (director of the superb Hugarian version Trainspotting - KONTROLL is making his Hollywood Debut and word is that it is a solid film. Have a bit of a soft spot for Wilson, but fearful for Beckinsale who is far better in art films then genre films.

Let us hope that Antal can hold his own against the Hollywood machine where so many other Directors seem to lose their edge.

I think the trailers and teasers have been looking great so far, but then only because of the concept, I can't say we've really seen much of the performances yet.



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