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American Pie sixth sequel!

AmericanPieBandCamp.jpgCan you believe that there's going to be another American Pie sequel? Well apparently there's going to be and there are some names returning from the previous film.

It is going to be called American Pie Presents: Beta House, which sounds to me that they are continuing the franchise for a long time to come. With the title using "presents" again it kind of suggests "in the feel of" rather than a direct sequel.

Andrew Walker is directing and is set to star John White, Ross Thomas, Jake Siegel and Steve Talley. The plot comes from Moviehole who get the scoop.

Erik Stifler is off to college, where he and his best friends Ryan & Cooze reunite with Dwight Stifler to rush the Beta Fraternity, where Dwight is already firmly entrenched. Having crushed the evil rivals of the LAMBDA PIs (the little people fraternity), Beta House must now face down the evil empire of the GEK house - a new and improved fraternity of geeks who use their brains and money to try and destroy the Beta House and everything anti-Geek that it represents. As initiates, our boys must defend the honor of their new fraternity, and come to grips with their new lives.

I really can't see an interest in this, not for me anyway, it's just more and more of the same, and the same has been going downhill. Something new please Hollywood.



Havent seen 1-5, just not my cup of tea.



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