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Winslet and DiCaprio in classic fifties tale

KateWinslet.jpgLeonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet look set to team up together in Revolutionary Road directed by Sam Mendes. The film is based on by Richard Yates about the disillusionmet after the war.

Justin Haythe is writing the screenplay for DreamWorks and Mendes is also producing, along with a list of other names, in association with BBC Films. The news comes from Variety.

The story is a quite sad and bleak one which follows a seemingly happy suburban couple with two children who are living in the mid 1950's. They find themselves caught between the need to conform and the pressure that comes with that and their true desires.

You know I couldn't really care if these two are getting back together on screen, what's the big deal about them anyway? Both are great actors and have strong careers independently, but I don't see what the magic is with them together.



I am excited about this news because 10 years has passed since Titanic and you're right, both actors have made very strong careers since but there is no denying that the one of the key factors for Titanic's success at the box-office is due to their seemingly cheesy love angle. I am not a huge Titanic fan but I admire both Di Caprio and Winslet as actors, so it would be great to see them appear again on screen together tackling a much mature role.

The story seems good, and I like the director. The actors could be puppets, as far as I am concerned, so I don´t mind if they add a nostalgia factor.

Jack and Rose Dawson together again eh? ;)



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