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Weekend at Bernie's 3!!

AndrewMcCarthy.jpgRemember Weekend at Bernie's? Yeah, I do too, and looking back on it I don't know why I watched it or the terrible sequel, okay it was fun at the time. Well there's a sequel to them all in the works, yes a Weekend at Bernie's 3, or for those Spectrum fans out there, Bernie goes skiing.

Howso? Well the film is going to be set on a ski resort, I would guess that's how they've managed to keep him frozen for so long, all that ice.

The man who is behind the film is producer Ashok Amritaj, and the big warning flashing light is that he's the guy making the new Street Fighter film.

If you aren't aware of the story, these guys find the local rich party guy dead, and use his dead body and cash in on his popularity to be popular themselves. They pretend he's still alive you see, and carry him around, drive him, prop him up, and the scenes get more and more ridiculous. Then the hit men who killed Bernie, or so they thought, return to try and do the job right.

I wonder if Andrew McCarthy will make a big screen comeback for this role? He could play Bernie, that would be a nice move!

The story comes from Clint over at Moviehole, and I can't help but feeling as depressed and cynical as he sounds. It's dreadful. What the hell is Hollywood thinking. I guess the bigger question to ask is how these films are still earning enough money for Hollywood to make them?!



I liked the first one. It had me laughing my ass off as a 12 year old kid.

Then along came part two and it was the most unfunny thing I've ever seen.

dude i loved part 1 and part 2 to death. it doesnt matter that there wasnt really a plot there just awesome movies that makes me feel young again when i watch them. Have them both on VHS and still watch them atleast 8 times a month if not more.I play thoughs movies in my surf shop all day long (barooo surf shop seaside heights, N.J.) and everyone i know and am friends with love both thoughs movies just as much as me. i havent found a single soul who wouldnt kick back and watch thoughs movies there classics and i wouldnt be mad at all if they came out with a 3rd movie more power to them. ps part 1 made me start rockin purple converses (thanks larry) and part 2 made me travel to st.thomas which was a blast.

Wow, great!!! thank Jesus a Weekend at Bernie's 3, I cant wait for it, It came out 21 years ago... and the sequel came out 17 years ago... Hope it still has the 3 originals from the first 2 movies, McCarthy, Kiser, and Silverman... Steve

i absolutly love the first movie. my dad first watched it on a plane trip to the UK and wouldnt stop laughing- he got a lot of strange looks. i just watched the 2nd and i was actualyl disapointed :( i never expected larry to be a virgin :O i expected it to be hilarious like the first, but it wasnt. if they do a 3rd one, make it mroe like the first :D everyone loves the first. just looking at the picture of mcarthy- omg he's changed!!! at the moment im trying to educate my class mates (im only 14) into the first ones, so far, theyre loving it.

favorite quote ever:

larry: AH!
richard: what?
larry: he lost my sunglasses

LOVE both Weekend at Bernie's movies. I think I actually prefer the 2nd one because the setting (St. Thomas) is so awesome and for the sheer ridiculousness of it. I really wish they would make a third movie... I think it would do better than most people think.

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