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Washington in soldier's harrowing tale

DenzelWashington.jpgDenzel Washington is to play a heart wrenching tale of a US soldier who left for Iraq before his son was born, while there kept a journal which he hoped would tell his son how to live his life properly and to prepare him for life without his Dad, he kept the journal just in case something happened to him while he was out there. Unfortunately it did, and a month before he was due to return home he was killed.

The story will be based on a New York times essay in which his fiance described the journal entries. I presume it's based on the article and not the journal because the woman did not want to release his words and preferred to keep them for her son, quite rightly too.

The story comes from . It sounds a great project, but my fear for Washington is it marks all too familiar territory and we'll see him return to the emotional and heart string tugging roles that he seemed to so easily settle in instead of really stretching his superb acting talents.




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