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Tarantino and Rodriguez talk Grindhouse sequel

QuentinTarantino.jpgQuentin Tarantino is already thinking about a sequel to Grindhouse, and Robert Rodriguez is with him on the same wavelength according to reports.

Now we have to remember that Tarantino is fond of being vocal about his projects well before they've even been brought out as a concept. The man is a real film fan and loves to talk about movies, so why won't he talk about what he'd love to do? Well that's just what it seems he's been doing according to reports.

Variety through /Film tells us in an article closure that they want to do it.

Rodriguez and Tarantino want to keep the "Grindhouse" series going. For his part, Tarantino wants to shoot an old-school Kung Fu movie in Mandarin with subtitles in some countries, and release a shorter, dubbed cut in others. If the movie plays to theaters packed with screaming patrons, the Weinsteins may be willing to indulge him.

It's interesting too that the release of Grindhouse will see no intermission, and you'll have to sit through the full three hours including the trailers. I'd be surprised if some cinemas didn't drop one in there anyway, but I can see the main showings making you sit through the whole lot. Mind you, you would wouldn't you?

As for the idea of the sequel, it's early days and they are the kind of guys to get excited about ideas and talk about them way before anything really happens. Just look at Inglorious Bastards as an example. If it were to happen though, can you see at this early stage that you'd be interested?




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