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Stallone on Avatar and Inglorious Bastards?

Stallone.jpgHow true this rumour is I don't know, but according to reports Sylvester Stallone really is fighting for a longer term comeback. Not only is he in talks for a part in Quentin Tarantino's Inglorious Bastards, but he's also talking to James Cameron for a role in Avatar.

Stallone has been touted for a role in Inglorious Bastards for some time now, and he even quashed those rumours himself when he said that he'd never spoken to Tarantino, however that might have changed.

According to the story from a posting on StalloneZone through Moviehole, Yahoo are carrying comments that he was tight lipped about what project he would work on with Tarantino, but he did say it would be a World War II film. Then he said that Cameron had called him, and that this call would probably result in a delay to his film Poe.

If you think about it he could only really mean Inglorious and Avatar, anything else and he'd be waiting a lot longer to film them, and too long would impact his personal goal of getting the Poe film made.



What a great choice for those immense projects. Sly deserves it.



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