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Stalked: Berry defends the cause and Agent Valerie Plame on screen

HalleBerry.jpgHalle Berry is defending good causes and a hot story of the hard side of the Government and Valerie Plame comes to the big screen.

Halle Berry is starring in Tulia, a film that has sat for a long time with the possibility of being made. Berry stars as a lawyer investigating a case where forty six black men were arrested in Tulia, Texas, in 1999 and charged with various offenses related to drugs and guns. No money, drugs or illegal weapons were found on any of the suspects. Berry is up for the role of the attorney who defends them, part of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund who stepped in to try and save them. The story is based on the book by Nate Blakeslee and the screenplay is written by Karen Croner. The Hollywood Reporter through Coming Soon says that Carl Franklin is in negotiations to direct.

There's a film in development about Valerie Plame and Ambassador Joseph Wilson, the married couple who were caught up in a political mess when Wilson wrote a piece in the New York Times in 2003 claiming that the Bush administration had manipulated the intelligence regarding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. To discredit them the White House then revealed to the world that Plame was a CIA agent. Nice, turning on your own like that. The film is being written by Jez and John Butterworth and the story comes from Variety through Coming Soon.




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