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Site breaks hosting limit again, help needed

Exciting news on the Filmstalker front, the site has now broken the top hosting package, and that's not even a year and one month old. This month the hosting company have been kind enough to supply an extra bundle of Gigabytage to the account, and then again today they had to add a little bit more!

It certainly is crazy and I'm loving it, I hope you are too. One problem now though, the next move for the site is dedicated hosting, something I really can't afford, and with the site running at a loss already I'm struggling to see what to do next.

If anyone has any suggestions, or wants to help by ordering their DVD's, games, books, etc through the advertisers on the site then please do. Remember for some of the advertisers eeven if you're not buying what's shown, by clicking through and ordering something else you're still helping out the site.




I sent you an email.


And Filmstalker has Paypal enabled! ;)

Stupid question...is there a way where all purchases under a certain category at Amazon can benefit Filmstalker, or are the linked products in the ads the only options?

Thanks Vic, we're having a conversation! Damn, I dreamt about this last night and you and your "Screen Rant Movie News" name were in my dream!

Simone, thank you very much, you donated way back and I'm very grateful.

Hap. Not sure I know what you mean, but the way that Amazon works is contextual. It looks at the text on the page and delivers related adverts. If you click on one and then order anything from Amazon the kickback is on Filmstalker. Still, you have to be ordering from the Amazon you clicked through to or Filmstalker misses out, if you switch to another country I lose it - I have UK, CA, DE, and COM all setup on the site.

In a conversation I'm having offline with Vic he talks about ad placement, and I know this was a ajor decision when I started. If I integrate the adverts with the stories, make them the same colour, use those popup adverts on the text, etc. I'll make more money, perhaps enough for the hosting.

This was a deliberate move for me when I started, I didn't want to do that and wanted to try and provide a reading experience that didn't "fool" the reader into hitting adverts. A very non-invasive advertising style.

However I think that's proving not to work, and I might have to make some radical changes. This might mean the separate ads get pulled into the content.

If any rich corporations out there want to sponsor me...

You should just sell banner space. I'm not sure what your traffic figures look like, but I'm sure you could easily charge a few hundred a month for a banner ad at the top of your homepage.

That's what I was asking. The links all used to go to Amazon UK, but now they're taking me to US so that will work. I haven't bought from Amazon for a while, but I'll try to make sure I go through your ads from now on when I do.

Cheers Hap. Yes it used to be just UK ads, but then I got the geotagging working and I can get targetted ads going.

The thing there is if it's not in English affiliate advertisers won't let me sign up. Let me try that one again. If I try and sign up to some Spanish advertisers on my affiliate site they won't let me, because I don't speak Spanish and the site isn't in Spanish. Yet wait a minute, I'm getting loads of Spanish visitors - isn't it about them and not me?

That seems to be a common issue of trying to get advertising for foreign countries going. What a nightmare trying to sign up for the German Amazon!

I'm getting loads of Spanish visitors - isn't it about them and not me?

Hola, me llama Simone. ;)

And for now, that's all I can really say to all our Spanish visitors.

Saying that, I am happy for Filmstalker's breaking the hosting limit again (despite the costs it will incur) this means we are getting a wider audience and word-of-mouth of how brilliant this site is will eventually bring in opportunities as well. Fingers crossed Rich!



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