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Redline trailer online, supercars galore

HondaS2000.jpgThe trailer for Redline is now online, and if you like your racing films like Fast and the Furious, then this one is for you. Even the trailer is jam packed full of high end cars and some pretty cool races.

Just yesterday you'll have read that one of the stars of the film, comedian Eddie Griffen, crashed the Producer's Enzo Ferrari, a limited edition Ferrari no less. The Producer was pretty cool about it apparently and no one was hurt, especially as it was described as a low speed accident.

In the trailer you can catch a glimpse of that car pre-accident, as well as the crashing of the Producer's US$200,000 Porsche for the film, and when I mean crash I mean write off.

The film is directed by Andy Cheng who has been a stuntman on some big films to date, and this marks his second directing outing. Redline is a film where the write up on IMDB refers to the fact that the Producer, Daniel Sadek, uses his own personal exotic car collection in the film and nothing about the plot. That's worrying I would say.

However the car line up is quite cool. Phantom Rolls Royce, Lamborghini Murcielago, Ferrari Enzo, Ferrari F430, Ferrari Scaglietti, Mercedes McLaren SLR and a Porsche Carrera GT (the one to get trashed).

Car fans get drooling, here's the trailer over at IGN [Flash:Embed].

As an aside I hate the IGN player, it buffers a few seconds, hardly long enough to download and then downloads the next few seconds so slowly you find you're watching three second bursts every four or five. It's incredibly annoying that you can't pause it and download the whole thing before watching.



just download the actual file. you have to watch a stupid advertisement before you do, but after that's finished, you just right click and do save as.

...that's an impressive car line-up.

It might have an impressive car line up but the movie looks awful! I saw the trailer for Redline in front of 300 and we all cringed.

As for Eddie Griffith crashing the Ferrari - word is that it was a publicity stunt, which wouldn't surprise me because ALL the news channels were playing the story all day and all had good footage of the accident. Looks a little staged....especially now when people are saying it was likely a cloned model.

I must agree with Meli. Thought the cars look fantastic, I don't they're going to be enough to get to me to see this movie. WOW that was bad.

Yeah, I didn't think it looked that great, definitely one for the petrol heads.



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