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Preston to join Travolta on Dallas?

KellyPreston.jpgKelly Preston is being rumoured as joining the troubled Dallas film alongside her husband John Travolta.

The story is that Travolta asked her if she would like to star in the film version of the extremely popular eighties soap.

The rumour comes from the Daily Express through WENN and Starpulse News Blog.

"John has made it clear that he thinks Kelly would be perfect for the role of Sue Ellen and it's now thought that she will end up with the part. It would certainly make interesting viewing as their real-life marriage obviously couldn't be any more different from that of J.R. and his wife."

Is the comment from the unnamed source. Of course there's a possibility this is true, and considering that they got rid of the original cast that was beginning to line up and start reworking the script, I wouldn't be surprised if they were thinking about this to drop the salary budget.

It would be good to find out what's happening with the film. Is it still in limbo, do you even care?

Here's a previous story about the script being dumped and the same fate for the cast.




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