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Mirren and Harris in National Treasure: The Book of Secrets

EdHarris.jpgNational Treasure : The Book of Secrets has some spectacular casting announcements, which is rather strange considering the first film was so poor I can hardly believe such big names are getting involved for the sequel. However apparently both Helen Mirren and Ed Harris are signed for the film which has just started shooting.

Yes, I did say Mirren. She is set to play the Mother of Nicolas Cage, if she is then she should consider sending him to his bed without any tea for all the bad roles he's been taking. Also lined up is Harris for the role of the baddie of the film, one of the best baddies there is in film today I'd say. According to JoBlo who have the exclusive:

She's there to help link Cage's Ben Gates to his family's connection to John Wilkes Booth and the mysterious Knights of the Gold Circle...Harris will star as Jeb Wilkinson, who has some information about Gates' father and aligns himself as an ally...

That is until he turns bad. Sounds good casting but I can't really bring myself to get excited about the film just because these two actors are on the payroll. I found the first film just so dumb I could have fallen asleep during the so called tense moments.



Why do I get the feeling that since winning ALL the Best Actress awards this year and Hollywood has finally taken notice of Mirren's talent, it doesnt feel like a good thing?

I hope I am wrong.

Well I really enjoyed National Treasure and loved the fact that it did not take itself too seriously or get bogged down in pretentious Da Vinci Code type stuff.

Ed Harris can never do wrong in my book.

As for Simone's Mirren/Oscar comments I have been wondering of late if winning an Oscar can be the kiss of death for a film career. (Not that I expect that in Mirren's case I should add.)

As my evidence look at what happened to the movie careers of the following, post Oscar win...

Liza Minnelli & Joel Grey (Cabaret)
Tatum O'Neil (Paper Moon)
Michael Cimino (Deer Hunter)
Louise Fletcher (Cuckoo's Nest)
Whoopie Goldberg (Ghost)
Marisa Tomei (My Cousin Vinny)
James Cameron (How long has it been since he has made a real movie?)
Halle Berry From "Monster's Ball" to... er "Catwoman"

Ehr Morbius, did I just say Oscars? If you read my post again, I said ALL Best Actress awards Mirren won.

Just nitpicking since you do it a lot. ;)

I have to disagree Richard. I really liked "Nat'l Treasure." For the same reason Morbius pointed out; plus, the fact that it is an interesting look at the action/adventure. It's different from everything else while giving us a fun little history lesson at the same time.

I also love movies where the characters pull off something that is supposed to be "impossible".

I enjoyed National Treasure in that it was fun. I wasn't all that excited at the prospect of a second one but I'm starting to think this may be one of those situations when the sequel is better than the original...

I really can't believe that you liked it so much. I just hated the way the story backed into a corner with nowhere to go, and Cage just sat there and talked his way out making these wild connections that you'd not even had a hint at. That was the opening sequence with them all in the boat...oh I hated that.

Count me in as one who had fun with National Treasure. I thought Cage and his sidekick were funny, the girl was likable and smart (as opposed to mere eye candy bimbo), and Sean Bean is, well, SEAN BEAN. I'll be happy to watch him any day. (And can someone please put him in a movie with Gerard Butler and Christian Bale so that I can have an out of body experience?)

It did what a thriller should do: Kept the pace going like crazy, had a fun puzzle to solve, and didn't take itself terribly seriously. Plus it had Voight and Keitel in supporting roles, and that's NOT a bad thing.

Mirren as mom. Oh, this could be quite enjoyable.




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