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McGowan to play B-Movie star

RoseMcGowan.jpgRose McGowan is to continue in the B-movie realm but not in the exciting realm of Grindhouse, but rather playing the tragic story of the B-movie star Susan Cabot called Black Oasis.

According to Variety the film is based on a Premiere magazine article by John H. Richardson which tells of her rise to fame, becoming a favourite of Roger Corman, and her death at the hands of her own son who beat her to death with a weightlifting bar when she was 59.

The film is to be written and to be directed by Stephan Elliot who also wrote and directed The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

Her career has some strong appearances in it, even alongside such actors as Tony Curtis, and she was even reported to have had an affair with King Hussein of Jordan. Her life will most definitely make a great on screen story, and mark a strong lead for Gowan.



According to her IMDb he was in The Black Dahlia but I barely remember her there.

That sounds like a really good character-driven movie.

Apparently she claimed that Cabot's affair with Hussein ended "because he found out that she was Jewish"...

What hilarious bollocks!

If that's the intellectual and historiographic standard on which the film - and her interpretation - will be based, then it's quite safe to give it a pass...



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