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DreamWorks caveman comedy Crood Awakening

WallaceandGromit.jpgCrood Awakening was set to be a joint venture between DreamWorks and Aardman animation teams, however that relationship has been severed and I had thought Aardman was taking the picture with them, apparently I was wrong as DreamWorks announce Chris Sanders, Director of Lilo & Stitch, is to direct the film with them.

The screenplay was co-written by John Cleese and is a comedy of the lives of cave people in the Stone Age. The sad part of the news is that it's going to be released in stereoscopic 3D, luckily it will have a 2D release as well though. This means they'll have to work in loads of moments of things flying at and around the screen.

The news comes from The Hollywood Reporter and it doesn't fill me with excitement in the slightest. 3D eh? Woooo. In this divorce I'm siding with Aardman...



Why didnt he take this project with him? I can already imagine how much better it would look like if he's the one doing it.



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