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Costner talks Mr Brooks sequels

MrBrooks.jpgKevin Costner has been talking about his role in Mr Brooks and how he didn't really want to play a scary serial killer and that now he's into the idea he may well do a couple of sequels.

Costner plays Earl Brooks who appears to be a wonderful family man and a business leader in his local town. However there's something behind him that's deeply disturbing, he's a psychotic killer who is totally self aware. So much so that he meticulously plans every murder so there's not a shred of evidence, and he's compartmentalised his killer alter-ego to become a real person to him. He fights with the alter-ego and manages to stop killing, but one day he returns and persuades him to start again. This time though, he slips up.

The film looks really good, and I wrote about the trailer a little while ago, if you haven't seen it you should.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly carried through Coming Soon he says:

"I wasn't dying to do a role like this. I'm not a guy that goes 'Boo!' But when I read it, I thought the writers found an amazing window into the subject matter. Now I feel this is as strong a performance as I've ever given...

...This was written with the idea that we would do a couple others...When the writers first presented the notion to me, I said, 'Oh, bulls---! I haven't done Tin Cup 2, or Bull Durham 2, or Open Range: The Early Years, so you don't have to try to hook me with that.' But when they told me their idea, the hair on the back of my neck stood up. We're hoping this little movie develops a following so we can play this story out the way it should."

I saw an interview with Costner some time ago and he was very switched on to how he was perceived, but at the same time he had an overriding sense of what he wanted to do in film, and that seemed to drive him more than anything. I remember that was surprising to see, so if he's driven to do sequels and the film is as good as the trailer shows, then we could be in for some strong thrillers.

I like Costner, although he has to be in the right role, and this looks very good for him, especially as his alter-ego is William Hurt. Demi Moore and Dane Cook also star.




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