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Boyle teases 28 Months Later?

28WeeksLater.jpgWe've had 28 Days Later, then 28 Weeks Later, now it appears that Danny Boyle is thinking about another sequel, perhaps 28 Months Later?

Well apparently he revealed some of the details of how the film would start during an interview with an Irish radio station, and he actually went so far as to talk about how 28 Weeks Later ends in order for the new film to start.

Now I'm not going to spoil 28 Weeks for myself by reading the details, but apparently according to Moviehole through FilmRotation, he revealed some of the ending to show how it would fit in. Now I suggest thinking carefully before hitting the link, I'm not going to...then again I might not last...

How do you see it working? Could it? Could you see another 28...Later story coming out or is it just stretching the genre and this series in particular just a little too much?



Might be stretching the series (and the genre - oops too late); but there's no reason why you couldn't do this story nearly infinitely. There's always a story to tell and it can always go on forever.

And if it involves zombies. I'm there. I don't care how many times they do it.


Okay, confession time, I have not seen both films, will you guys recommend it?

"Okay, confession time, I have not seen both films, will you guys recommend it?"

Simone, I don't think the second film has come out yet. In any case I quite enjoyed the first film. (I thought the rooftop scene was inspired.)

It's very influence by John Wyndhams "The Day of the Triffids" though. You might want to seek out the excellent BBC version of that too.

Thanks Morbius, goes to show my limited knowledge of the film. I suppose I'll rent it and have friends over - always fu to watch films like this with lots of people.

The first film is genuinely emotional and thought-provoking. It's worth seeing. The sequel is just torture porn with zombies.

Well you've not sold me on it, and that's probably a good thing considering all the comments about it.

WOW PLEASE get this movie out and take your time 28 weeks and days were my fravorit movie now for months you should say that in 28 months someone dated that girl from the weeks and kissed and got the disease and from there and on they started it again the infection and the reason why the helicopter was down because of the fuel i have nothiung else to say sorry if my script was dumb

'The first film is genuinely emotional and thought-provoking. It's worth seeing. The sequel is just torture porn with zombies.'

What a total pile of crap,28 weeks is the perfect follow up to days, i love them both equally and they are both intense.

What annoys me more than anything is sad Internet geeks immediatly killing sequals because they are sequals, i personally would love to see 28 months later, the rage virus attacking mainland europe because if you remember in the first one where the comment is 'Just think about it, really think about it.. how could infection cross the sea and air', Well there is your answer.

And finally the comment about zombies.. are you retarded or something, this isnt even a Zombie film it's i viral infection that doesnt cause paralysis hence people dont rise from the dead in conclusion NOT zombies

I wish people would lighten up, its a film, i nice peice of story to escape reality.

End rant, thanks for reading

Come on 28 Days Later absolutely FANTASTIC, 28 Weeks Later was great but missing something (Danny Boyle Maybe) if Danny can come back to make the third I’m sure it will be a HIT!!!.
I think these are just GREAT, One of the best zombie movies not spoiled by the american style gun ho crazy save the world crap with just too many special effects, They are the very realistic and could happen, They get you thinking what you would do if in a situation like this. don’t you just love british movies made like this.
COME ON DANNY, Please, Please, Please make the 3rd

Unequivocally, ideal answer



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