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Blades of Glory clips and review

Blades.jpgI have some new clips for Blades of Glory which feature more thoughts from Chazz Michael Michaels (aka Will Ferrell), one of the lead skaters. There's also a review online which reflects some of the clips.

You can see the clips in the main article, but the review is quite strong and boils down to:

How many times can you watch a guy touch awkwardly touch another guy or hit him the balls, anyway?...In fact, how many times can you watch Will Ferrell in a movie where his character is the self-proclaimed legend of some sport, watch him screw it up, and then try to rebuild himself to his former glory...Ferrell's next movie is about him being an NBA great...

Oh dear, not so good at all. Although there is some strong advice from the review over at Newsvine from Corey Spring.

Stay midway through the end credits to see a bonus scene with Nick Swardson, who plays a stalker of Jon Heder's character.

Well, onto the clips...

What did you think? Worth it or not? Who's seen it yet and can comment on it? Is Ferrell just riding the wave of one type of character and story?



All I know is that I am not watching this film.

I have only seen on Will Ferrell movie and that was last year's Stranger than Fiction which I thought he did really well, but comedies such as this is not really my thing.

Will Ferrell basically takes his egotiscal funny man character and puts it in different situations. We had Ron Burgundy then Ricky Bobby and now Chaz Michael Michaels, but you know what? I forgive him because he makes me laugh. He has this odd sense of humor that makes me giggle. I understand those who don't like him or are finding him boring, but for me - I'm entertained and that's all that is important.

I thought the movie was really good!! Will ferrel is probably my favorite actor ever so naturally i loved it! I laughed all the way through the movie! They picked an AMAZING cast for this movie && a great plot line!!

I gotta actauuly say i didn't think much of the film before but I recently saw it last night with my brothers and friends and I gotta say Will Ferrell makes you believe that he is that actual perosn like they were real at a time and furthor more he does put on a great sense of humor and i totally respect him for that so I deffinatly recomend people to see it

I loved it! i just puked in my suit... thats reality folks lol

If you like laughing then you'd like this movie, and it keeps laughing all througout. BRAVO :D


all of the haters who havent seen the movie need to shut [expletive removed - Richard] up - it WAS hilarious...and will ferrell makes my pee in pants, thanks bye

i saw the movie, and fell out of my chair laughing.
its will ferrell's typical role
but hes good at it, so why not?
John Heder was a good match for Ferrell.

But seriously, Will Ferrell is making a shit load of cash off these movies, so why not?
He'd be an idiot to stop playing the parts he does.

This was definitely the funniest movie I have seen with Will Ferrell. It is his typical role, but this one was done especially well, and Jon Heder was charming and adorable. His facial expressions made the movie, as far as I'm concerned. I think it's definitely worth seeing.

I have to say that although I initially had no intentions of seeing this movie, (please see my first post above) I decided to see it last night whilst biding time as I planned to watch The Lives of Others but had to wait for the 20:20 screening. I arrived just right after 6 and didnt want to sit there doing nothing so I thought I'll go in and see this film based on the above posts and you guys are right, the film was hilarious - my mouth was painful having to laugh out loud a lot!

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