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A Phantasm sequel?

Phantasm.jpgThe maker of Phantasm, Don Coscarelli, has some great news for Phantasm and horror fans everywhere, he's not going to be selling his projects for remakes, in fact he might be planning a fifth in the franchise.

I remember seeing the original, and that flying ball and the creepy undertaker scared me to death. Of course I was well under the age I should have been to see that film, but then it was responsible for my love of being scared by movies so it's only a good thing. Oh, and look, I haven't murdered anyone.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, Coscarelli has said that the idea of a remake of this series isn't going to happen, and that he's reluctant to let a remake spoil the originals and damage the franchise for the fan base. Speaking in iF magazine through Bloody Disgusting he says:

"I’m reluctant to push forward with anything because I as well as the original cast have created a lot of good will with the fan base and I’ve seen some of the remakes and some of them have really gone south...They have damaged the original franchises and the original movies to a point that it is a real worry...

...There aren’t a lot of franchises left to remake...There is desire out there to get it done but nothing has felt right so far. It may happen one day but right now it is not in the cards."

Well at least one Director has sense. What is interesting though is when he talks about the fact that he has a completed Phantasm script and would love the original cast back for one more film. He says that Anchor Bay are eager to get them to make another in the series, but finding the time (and I suspect pulling together the names) is proving to be a tough deal.

I would have thought a sequel to this franchise would have been superb. This is a much harder edge than some of the franchises that they are reimagining/remaking just now, it could carry a far different tone. Would you see another Phantasm?




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