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300 new clips online

300.jpgThere's a lovely little three hundred second clip, nice marketing there, for the coming film 300 (Filmstalker review), and if you haven't seen it yet, since it hasn't been released, and don't want to read spoilers galore, then head over to the Filmstalker review which, as always, is spoiler free.

I promise you that you are going to love this fim, especially if you like manly action films, or are a gerardbutler.net lady!

The three hundred second clip is over at MTV [Flash:Embed].

Also online are nine new clips for the film which are featured in the main story, read on to see them all...

The clips come courtesy of MoviesOnline. What do you think then? Just look how great the cinematography is, the film is just dripping with style.




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