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Vacancy trailer with Beckinsale and Wilson online

KateBeckinsale.jpgThe trailer for Vacancy, the horror starring Kate Beckinsale and Luke Wilson is now online, and it is looking really strong, and actually quite tense.

It does look like it has a lot of great ideas and setups, and it has to be said that the replacing of Sarah Jessica Parker with Beckinsale looks like a great idea, I couldn't really see Parker in this kind of role, can you?

The trailer is sitting over on [WMV:QT] found through HorrorMovies.ca.

What do you think? Although I think the trailer could have ended half way through, saved a lot of the setups for surprises during the film, and still have been totally successful in getting the audience interested, it does a great job. What do you think?



I am not a big fan of horror films but it looks like this one just got me interested! I mean how sick these people must be?

Luke Wilson in something serious? I'm interested...



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