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Beyond the Gates (Shooting Dogs) trailer online

ShootingDogs_Poster.jpgBeyond the Gates is the US title for the film Shooting Dogs which chronicles another of the incredibly moving and harrowing stories from the 1994 Rwandan genocide (yes countries of the UN I said genocide), and there's a trailer online that looks like a newly cut version, perhaps for the US market. It's due for release in Japan and the US next.

John Hurt plays a priest who, along with a teacher played by Hugh Dancy, must decide whether to leave with the evactuating whites or stay with the people that they have harboured in their small school. So far the UN forces have protected them, but most of them are pulling out and only a small group may remain.

It's based on a true story, although for a real inside look into what happened I would thoroughly recommend the book .

However, this film looks like a compelling and harrowing tale that deserves equal viewing. Having already seen Hotel Rwanda, I feel compelled to watch this film too, especially with Hurt leading.

The trailer is over at Apple Trailers.




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