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Rowling reveals Potter's Deathly Hallows secret?

HarryPotter.jpgThere's a possibly huge revelation made about , the seventh book in the series. Now I say possible because the article has no source for the claimed interview, and the comments also come second hand from Daniel Radcliffe who has a vested interest in the Harry Potter rumours being at the top of the pile.

However, that said, and me giving you the huge warning about the bag of salt to be taken with these rumours, here we go.

According to an interview with Radcliffe which The Daily Prophet 2 listened to, Radcliffe was talking to J. K. Rowling on set of the latest film, and the related conversation goes something like this:

"Jo came down to the set (OotP), and I said 'Oh, hello! Why are you here today?' and she said 'Ohh, I just needed a break from the book, Dumbledore has given me a lot of trouble' and I said 'But isn’t he dead?' and she said 'Well, Yeah but it’s more complex'"

Now that's interesting, is he set to return in the final book/film as an spirit to guide him onwards? Or is she doing some flashbacks? Who knows...and as I said, keep this with the salt shaker.




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