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Nancy Drew trailer online

EmmaRoberts.jpgI should have placed this trailer before the previous Valet trailer, however it's still quite interesting, if not as entertaining as the other. Nancy Drew is based on the Nancy Drew character from the novels, you know the teenage girl who helps solve all the crimes? Well you would have thought a film version of the story would be quite poor, take a look at this trailer then.

I was surprised when I saw it because it also looks quite fun, despite the seemingly twee concepts and storyline. The idea is that Drew is taken to LA on one of her Father's business trips, there she discovers some evidence for a long unsolved crime and gets involved in the mysterious case. Before long she's doing what she does best, investigating the crime and trying to fit into the crazy world of LA.

Have a look at the trailer [QT:L:HD] with an open mind, we're not talking rocket science or huge political intrigue, but it looks a load of fun.

Emma Roberts seems to do a great job in the trailer as Drew, and Andrew Fleming the writer/director of The Craft helms and co-writes the adaptation.




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