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Latest Dark Knight casting rumours

AaronEckhart.jpgOh I'm getting bored of The Dark Knight rumours, are you? Well here's the latest for the Harvey Dent and Rachel Dawes roles, Aaron Eckhart and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

First up Gyllenhaal is supposedly in the running alongside Rachel McAdams whom I wrote about the other day, and Eckhart has supposedly clinched the role of the lawyer Harvey Dent.

The latest rumours come from Latino Review through Cinema Blend.

Dammit, Josh and I never seem to really disagree, and it's the same here. I too think Eckhart is a great match for the role, and helped so much because we've seen him in similar styles before. He has been in The Black Dahlia and Thank You For Smoking of late, and he does look the part too.

Gyllenhaal just doesn't make the match for me, both in style and in her own career, it doesn't sound like a role she'd really want to tie herself in for.

Any thoughts on these latest rumuors, or are you bored to tears with it already?



Not yet bored, but soon will be...

I doubt if Maggie will even consider it.



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