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King confirms Abrams has Dark Tower

StephenKing.jpgStephen King has been talking at the New York Comic-Con about a few things, his Dark Tower comics, the Dark Tower books, and also the possibility of J.J. Abrams directing The Dark Tower film(s).

First up the most surprising thing he said that he has plans to rewrite the Dark Tower series and views the current books as a first draft. The only redeeming comment from that is that the original books will always remain and he promises not to make them special editions. Still, this is crazy news, is he planning to rewrite all of them? How much?

Unfortunately there's nothing more on that subject from the notes of AICN from the panel. They do have some more on the Abrams question though.

King said that Damon Lindelof and Abrams had expressed interest and the passion was really coming from Lindelof. They wanted to develop the project and King said he trusted these two guys as well as Frank Darabont. Problem is that Darabont is very busy so he had a suggestion for the guys:

"I'll tell you what... you can option the books and see what you can do with it."

He sold the option rights for US$19, and for fans of the Dark Tower you should realise what that means. So he has entrusted them with the option, the next stage is for them to prepare some form of treatment and then we'll see from there.




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